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Parkview Estates Homeowner’s Association

A community association, the Parkview Estates Homeowner’s Association, has been created to make certain that the community’s restrictions and covenants (as briefly outlined below) are properly enforced. Each lot owner will automatically become a member of the Association upon the purchase of a lot in the subdivision. The Homeowner’s Association will strive to ensure that each construction is consistent with the design, quality, and values that run throughout the community.

An Overview of the Deed Restrictions of Record for Parkview Estates of Highlands County, Florida

Thank you for expressing an interest in Parkview Estates. This overview of the DEED RESTRICTIONS of Parkview Estates is presented so that you, as a purchaser, will know that the deed restrictions were created to protect you and your investment, along with those who have already invested in this exclusive subdivision.

1. There is a Homeowner’s Association of which every lot owner must be a member. This Association exists for the purpose of changes or making policy in the interest of every lot owner. Each lot carries one vote. The fee is $300.00 per year. This money is used for maintenance and repairs, electricity for the irrigation pump, insurance, corporate fee, bank charges and postage.

2. Clearing of each lot must be approved by the Developer, so as to protect roads, underground electrical lines, sewer, water, telephone and cable lines, as well as the aesthetics of the property.

3. All residences shall be occupied by one family only and must have a minimum of 1570 square feet of heated and cooled or living area. Porches, patios, and garages are not included as living area.

4. Detached garages or any outbuildings must match the design and exterior of the residence.

5. All swimming pools shall be in-ground and confined to the rear of the dwelling.

6. Boats must be stored in an enclosed garage or stored behind the house, out of view.

7. No dumping of garbage, no junk vehicles, no “blocked up” vehicles for extended repairs and no unused equipment are shall be stored on any lot.

8. Two domestic pets, such as dogs or cats, are allowed per household. Dogs must be fenced or kept on a leash.

9. All owners must abide by city codes and regulations.

It is the BUYER’S responsibility to read and understand the complete DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS OF PARKVIEW ESTATES before purchasing a desired lot.

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